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How to beat an urge or a bad mood

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Cultivate these 'things to do' lists! Camille Styles's Rainy Day list is a good example of this. Whether you're trying to break a bad habit, get out of a depressive or anxious spiral, or get sober, it's hard to simply stop doing something--that can lead to obsessing over the thing you're trying to resist. Instead, replace the old unhealthy habit with a new activity or ritual. That's where a go-to list of ideas is very useful. It's hard to think of something new and interesting when you're feeling stressed and negative. Start a bookmarks tab of 'to-do's' that look fun, interesting, or challenging, and then work your way through them when you need to redirect.

From The Good Trade: 99 Things To Do When You're Bored

Some easy decluttering projects from Courtney Carver: Anti-Procrastination Decluttering Challenge: 10 Spaces, 10 Minutes, 100 Items

And here's how to help make these happen: 11 Tips for Anyone Who Doesn’t Know How to Relax


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