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How to improve your sleep

Start a regular ritual -- we cue babies to sleep with goodnight routines because we want them to know it's time to settle down and get sleepy (thank you Margaret Wise Brown!). You can cue your own brain to sleep with a regular calming ritual:

  • Start with gentle yoga stretches -- Mountain Pose, a soft side stretch, then a Forward Fold. Notice how it feels to slowly stretch out your body after a day of feeling rushed and pressured.

  • Add this lovely bedtime yoga routine from calmmoment that you can do right in bed. Again, notice the effect of slowing down and just doing for yourself.

  • Relocate anything that feels like a treat -- good smelling face or hand or foot cream; lip balm; hair brushing or oiling -- from a bathroom chore to a bedside ritual.

  • As you go through your final self-care steps of lotions and haircare, reflect on inspiration or appreciations from your day. Take a cue from Day Schildkret's book on ritual making, Hello Goodbye, and consider any one or all of these:

    • Today I gave myself to ___________

    • Today I was given _______________

    • Today I succeeded at ____________

    • Today I learned _________________

    • Today I trusted _________________

    • Today I doubted ________________

    • Tonight I am thankful for _________

    • Tonight I don't need to carry ______

    • Tonight I wish that _______________

    • Tonight I don't take for granted ____

  • Tuck yourself in: make sure it's a little chilly outside the blankets and you are snug under the blankets; read something calming -- not too interesting, not too scary; when you turn out the light, instead of counting sheep imagine yourself tucked warmly into a cozy spot -- a sleeper car on a train, a berth on a sailboat, a cabin with a fireplace, a tent in the trees.... sssshhhhhhhh.... goodnight noises everywhere


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